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In today’s competitive and complex environment, IoT service platform of all components is the most critical technology to successful IoT services. With freedom to build end-to-end IoTs solutions, pplica delivers business benefits of innovating and monetizing your IoT offerings with lower cost and improved application performance with reduced risks.

IoT applications and services will only thrive on IoT service platform. Working with IoT service platforms, you'll be faced with a decision to choose either to build your own platform, or to use Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Building your own platform is very costly and time-consuming. On the other hand PaaS can only accommodate nominal customization and presents a multitude of limitations.

pplica, our IoT service platform offers the best of both worlds as a solution to the dilemma.

With pplica, you can now enjoy a pre-built platform that is highly customizable.

  • Platform-as-a-Service

  • Perpetual license & maintenance

  • Technology licensing

Also we offer a variety of delivery options



Innately built superior to conventional web/client-to-server based platforms, pplica is capable of maintaining comprehensive insights, handling asynchronous process as well as synchronous process simultaneously, and monitoring over the entire lifecycle of process flow among connected devices, sensors, servers and user applications.


In IoT business, each client, device, and  service has unique requirements and needs. An ordinary one-solution-fits-all platform won’t satisfy your business needs. pplica enable highly customizable dynamic or customer-led IoT services tailored to each industry application and client, resulting in boosting satisfaction and engagement.


You can build any application on top of pplica, over any type of network connectivity. You can deploy in a public cloud or on premise, and manage an unlimited number of connected endpoints that your service may require with low latency.

Faster time to market

Agility is key to innovating new offerings in this ever-changing IoT market. Streamline steps of IoT service deployment with pplica instead of building your own platform which is resource intensive; it will enhance much-needed agility and allow you to focus on your business and customers.


As more and more things are connected to the Internet, safeguarding connected devices and networks in IoT business can never be compromised. With pplica, end-to-end data encryption, private cloud storages, and customizable user access control ensure security.

With pplica, various IoT offerings can be provided in a stable and secure way.

See below for smart products enabled by pplica.




Use power smart with smart plugs and power strip.

Automate your life

You can set any appliances like heater or coffee machine to turn on or off at scheduled times.

Parental control

You can limit or set a time for TV, game console or other appliances.

Save $$

Monitor power usage by time by device. Save money by using more off-peak power!

Overcurrent protection

The LED informs you of overcurrent by turning red from green.



Change colors, schedule lighting, sync with other devices

Lighting control in million ways

Choose from 16 million colors, dimmable to 0% over time.

Sync your lights with music and phone alerts.

Anti-burglar mode

Scare burglars away by letting your lights turn on and off randomly while you are on vacation, giving an impression that someone is home.

Proximity sensor

Set the light to turn on and off automatically as you enter or leave the room.


No installation, no  hub needed. Simply replace your regular light bulbs.



Security camera you can rely on when it's needed most.

Monitor your home anytime, anywhere! You can stay in touch with your kids or pets anytime. Simply plug in the camera, download the app, and connect to your phone. Communicate two ways with your family or detect movement when you're away.

Superior stable connection is guaranteed.


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